About the Conference

Technology advancements are changing the control and command center landscape with improving safety, efficiency and reliability. Unique challenges and environments prevent a one-size fits all solution.

Join control room operators and managers and discover how new technologies such as AI, machine learning and data analytics are impacting support operations. Industry experts will highlight best practice strategies in data security and resource allocation.

Hear case studies, and return on investments to keep assets protected and operations running as well as industry trends and policy changes.

Why Should You Attend?

This conference is designed for control (critical) room operators and managers, directors of event operations and security management interested in integrating  new technology into their systems to improve security, resource allocation, awareness, reliability and safety.

Presentations and panel discussions will discuss return on investments, case studies, strategies for integration, technology and trends. The conference will provide opportunities to network with control and command center experts, as well as professionals who have already integrated new solutions.

Who Should Attend
  •  Control (Critical) Room Operators & Managers
  •  Director of Event Operations
  •  Security Management
  •  Public and Private Stakeholders
Involved In
  •  Emergency and Public Safety Services
  •  Disaster Relief
  •  Sporting Stadiums and Events
  •  Air Traffic
  •  Fire and Police Stations
  •  Schools
  •  Oil, Gas & Utilities
  •  Hospitals
  •  Manufacturers


We have created a packed schedule of presentations that lets you learn.

  •  Latest advancements in technology, and technical innovations and application developments in control, command and mobile center operations.
  •  The new techniques, equipment and devices involved control centers.
  •  Case studies in how new technology is being applied and utilized to help optimize reliability, efficiency and safety.
  •  The outlook for the economics of designing and integrating new solutions.
  •  How customers view the technology trends, and their experiences in using new technologies.


Control Center Summit uses the widely-used MeetMax platform to let you choose who you want to meet before you ever get onsite.

  •  Network with the peers, professionals and potential business partners you want to meet to get real business done at the event
  •  Create a specific schedule of meetings for yourself so you can prepare for the meetings and get the most out of your trip


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Hotel Information

We do not have a room block at a particular hotel, nor do we endorse one hotel over another. There are several hotels in the area to choose from while attending Control Center Summit 2019.

Here are some hotel suggestions 


Convene: 2001 Market St, Philadelphia